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New research* findings


of small business professionals strongly support an initiative like ReadyTax.


agree that ReadyTax will better assist cashflow management enabling investment opportunities for growth.


of small business owners agreed that because ATO’s repayment plans are inflexible, businesses need intermediary institutions to be able to provide reputable, accessible and flexible funding.

*CT Group research: 15 min mixed CATI/online poll (14-23 Jan 2019) among n=600 small business respondent

How much will ReadyTax cost the Government?

Once implemented, this measure is revenue neutral.

What is a registered intermediary?

These are Providers that have been vetted and approved by the ATO, to ensure the tax administration is maintained and supported.

Why do I need to use an intermediary?

The ATO collects tax, it is not its core business to provide financial arrangements. On the other hand, ReadyTax Providers, by their nature, are established to manage the competing pressures of cash flow for businesses and tax collection by the ATO and bring both parties together.

How can ReadyTax be implemented?

Implementation will require a minor legislative amendment of the Tax Administration Act and coordination with the ATO including some adminstrative systems changes. These are well established in New Zealand and easily adapted.

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