ReadyTax is a simple cashflow management tool for small business.

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ReadyTax will help small and seasonal Australian businesses manage cashflow by customising when they pay their PAYGI tax.

Let’s bring this cashflow management tool to Australia.

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Australian small businesses contribute 33% to the national GDP. Research* conducted pre-pandemic showed that the leading concerns of small business professionals were:

Managing cashflow
Managing cashflow
Cost of administration
The cost of administration and reporting
Affordable finance
Lack of access to affordable finance

The requirement for small businesses to meet their tax payment obligations within rigid timeframes can cause cashflow challenges, particularly for businesses with variable/seasonal cashflow or time-critical investment needs. Ready Tax is the solution.

*CT Group research: 15 min mixed CATI/online poll (14-23 Jan 2019) among n=600 small business respondent


83% of small business professionals agree that ReadyTax will better assist cashflow management, enabling investment opportunities for growth.*

Complementing government measures

Complementing government measures

ReadyTax is a financing product – offered at a lower interest rate than a bank loan – that allows small businesses to meet their tax obligations affordably.

ReadyTax cuts red tape, enabling small businesses to engage with the ATO through a trusted and registered intermediary. The ATO incurs no extra risk, while enabling small business to have more control over cashflow.

Tested and proven

ReadyTax is a low-risk proven system. The approach has been successfully operating in New Zealand since 2003, providing significant financial benefits for tens of thousands of businesses. It is a respected part of the NZ tax compliance system.

Benefits of ReadyTax to small business

Benefits of ReadyTax to small business

  • Easier access to difficult-to-obtain low cost finance
  • Helps variable cashflow industries meet their periodic primary tax obligations on time
  • Flexibility to repay tax finance when it suits their cashflow and investment plans
  • Significantly lowers interest costs
  • Reduces tax compliance costs
Stimulating the Australian economy

Stimulating the Australian economy

2.1 M Australian small and seasonal businesses provide essential services and hundreds-of-thousands of jobs for Australians. ReadyTax will give small business professionals greater control of cashflow across the year, allowing greater investment in growth and development.

Flow-on impact:

  • Improved ATO on-time collections
  • Reduced costs in administering overdue tax debts
  • Increased business confidence
  • Stronger employment and business growth
  • Increased consumer demand
  • Reputational benefits to government through proactive support of small business

Backing small business is essential to a strong economy.
Since 2003, thousands of New Zealand small businesses have used this mechanism

The Rt Hon Sir Bill English
KNZM, former Prime Minister of New Zealand